Perfect Spring Outfit #1

Hey everyone! So as spring approaches- actually it’s really far away- I decided that once every few weeks I would post a go to spring outfit. This is my first go to outfit for spring because it’s super bohemian and comfortable but also perfect for the season.

Dress: Aeropostale

Shoes: H&M

Also you can wear a bralette with it. Unfortunately I don’t have one but it would be perfect. Also that is my picture so please give creds if you use it. Finally I ordered a bikini today! I might do a review on it if I like it but I’m really nervous because I ordered it online and so I haven’t tried it on or anything :-/. Okay see you guys soon!!!! 🙂


Lazy Day Outfit Idea

Hey everyone!! I am so excited for this post today because I’m pretty sure we can all relate to those days when you get up, and just aren’t feeling it (I call them “UGH” days). Well I put together a collage and made an outfit for you guys to take off of.

Shirt: Pacsun Flannel

Hat: plain white beanie

Pants: Leggings

Shoes: Vegan boots

Hair: Messy bun

You could also do really light makeup and wear a scarf with this outfit but I think we have enough accessories XD. If you want to wear the beanie then you can just wear your hair down as well haha. If you want you can always subscribe to this blog for more outfit inspo. and the subscription box is that way —–>.

My last announcement is that I am saving up for my own camera so I will have better pictures other than using my phone all the time haha. If you like these collages then just comment below!!

Okay, all the love!!


My favorite places

Hey guys! So today I wanted to make a short little blog about my favorite places to shop at for clothes. So let’s get started!!:

-Forever 21



-Pink (sometimes)

-Hollister (sometimes)



-Brandy Melville


-Thrift stores

Okay that’s all I can think of right now but please subscribe to my blog if you want to be updated on new posts. Also remember to stay inspired!! ❤




Hello everyone!! Welcome to my blog!! This is my very first post and I wanted to use it to my advantage to tell you about my style and also what I plan on posting this year. Also I have another blog that is a bit less creative. I felt like I wasn’t being me on that blog and so I wanted to get a fresh start and do this one now, being 100% who I am.

MY FASHION: My style is very bohemian/ modern chic and I really enjoy putting outfits together in my spare time and “modeling” them you could say. I really hope I encourage most people to look at all angles of fashion through my blog, however, and get something out of it.

POSTING: I plan on posting at least once everyday and if you have any requests please email me. Also I plan on posting all different types of outfits. I hope you guys enjoy and please subscribe if you do!! Okay all the love!!